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Bare-metal storage if deployed in a cloud can offer flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of enterprises. The combination of the two has made it easier and possible to now experience a flexible and expandable bare-metal storage. This article is going to shed light on the advantages of having bare-metal cloud storage.

Let us now have a look at the advantages of bare-metal storage in the cloud has to offer;

Bare-metal Storage in Cloud is Customizable

One of the salient features of having bare-metal storage in the cloud is that the enterprises can customize their environment and infrastructure precisely according to their wishes, likes, and dislikes. It offers them an opportunity to make sure that they have what they actually need and the way they need it.

It is all about having the right resources, in the right configuration to make sure that anything you need is there when you require it. This is required to have a data storage solution that proves to be effective and productive for the enterprises instead of being a liability and a consequence of a bad decision.

Bare-metal Storage in Cloud Provides Dedicated Resources

Another advantage of having bare-metal storage in the cloud is that it offers the dedicated resources which are not shared by any other tenant or client of the same or another cloud network.

The totally dedicated resources prove to be useful in gaining the maximum advantage from the resources and enhance the productivity of the infrastructure, thus empowering the enterprise’s business growth.

Performance is assured With Bare-metal Storage

Bare-metal storage in the cloud makes it sure that the performance of the infrastructure is never compromised. The reasons we have discussed above and other features coming up, make it an experience like never before for the users of this infrastructure.

It is the high speed and no latency which attracts the modern-day enterprises which cannot wait for the files to be accessed, or in case of a disaster, backup is required to be running within the blink of an eye.

Bare-metal Storage in Cloud is More Secure

Bare-metal storage offers more data security and protection both while being transmitted and also when the data is residing in the storage devices. This is possible mainly due to the act that the resources in bare-metal storage in the cloud are not shared and solely dedicated to one client.

Bare-metal Storage Offers Control Over Hardware

With the bare-metal storage in the cloud, enterprises can have complete control over their data and data storage environment which gives them a unique user experience.

Bare-metal Storage Allows You to Predict Cost

One of the most satisfying advantages of bare-metal storage in a cloud is that enterprises can easily and more accurately predict the TCO of the storage infrastructure. The reason is that mostly it is the bandwidth cost which is difficult to predict and you cannot avoid the outages of bandwidth. This problem is covered in bare-metal storage in the cloud as it is usually loaded with lots of bandwidth that is more than enough for most of the enterprises for a long time.


Bare-metal storage in the cloud has many advantages for enterprises which makes this decision easier for enterprises. It does not even require a technical background to understand what advantages bare-metal storage offers, in the cloud environment.

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