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SAN Storage is one of the most popular storage solutions out there. This is simply because it offers many beneficial features and is very cost-efficient which makes it an ideal choice for enterprises.

In this article, we will discuss some of these features and highlight everything you need to know before getting a SAN storage solution.

SAN Storage Offers Scalability

SAN makes scalability really easy as it is easy to add or remove storage devices. So, there is no need to buy a separate storage device. With iSCSI storage solutions, you can simply scale up to add more storage.

Additionally, there are no interruptions whatsoever when it comes to adding storage or scaling up. It is a seamless process and there isn’t even any need to reboot the system. This makes it highly recommended as it ensures that business operations continue at all times.

SAN Storage is Highly Secure

SAN has great security features. Enterprises can isolate the users and accounts using a virtual SAN. So, this way, one cannot access the storage allocated to others without proper authorization.

SAN storage also comes with some other security protocols like ACL, SCSI, etc. All of these security measures make SAN one of the most secure storage networking systems out there.

SAN Storage Offers Data Deduplication

SAN storage offers data duplication which can save a lot of enterprise storage space. Getting new storage every now and then can be very costly for an enterprise and keeping multiple copies of data is also not advisable. So, in this case, data duplication comes really handy as it automatically detects any duplicated copies of data and deletes them so that only one copy remains.

SAN Storage Offers Fast Speeds

SAN storage is known for its high speeds. It is a highly fast data storage solution that offers high processing speeds and high data transfer speeds. This is because SAN, as opposed to NAS, uses fiber optic cables. As a result, enterprises will receive high-speed data transfer.

SAN Storage Offers High Uptime

SAN storage area networks are especially known for its exceptionally high uptime. This is due to the fact that with SAN storage, you do not need to stop or reset servers for anything, and as a result, you can expect high uptime and not worry about any sudden crash or downtime. This will also help the enterprise to achieve business continuity.


In this article, we have highlighted some of the many features of SAN storage solutions in an attempt that these will help you make the right choice and be confident about your decision.

And if you select a good vendor, like StoneFly, then you would enjoy all of the above-mentioned features and so much more and be at ease about your data storage strategy.