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Software defined storage offers virtualization which help businesses do what they were not able to do with the legacy, old storage infrastructures. Software defined san introduces virtualization technology which allows the users to perform the data storage and management functions in an environment which is virtualized.

What is A Virtualized Environment?

A virtualized environment refers to an environment in which users can use the resources in their virtual form, which might not have to be necessarily present in a physical form. It makes them able to use the maximum and smart use of resources in an optimum manner.

When we hear the term virtual server used by a business, it means that a part of virtual server is being used by a user but not all of it, because other parts of the server is used by the other users at the same time. This was not possible without virtualization technology which is brought to the scene by software defined storage.

Despite the fact that only a part of a virtual server is being used by a user, the resources are still dedicated to that user who do not feel any difference between this virtual and a physical server. This seamless virtualization technology making the impossible things possible is all due to the software defined storage at the first place.

Software Defined Storage Makes Virtualization Possible

Virtualization is not possible without an infrastructure which is not dependent on a hardware for offering the resources to the users using the system. On the other hand, when a data storage solution is dependent on the proprietary hardware and do not allow much flexibility, it cannot do things which are done by virtualization.

Well, there are many advantages of software defined storage which makes all the difference for the businesses which makes them transform and make them more efficient and productive.

Software Defined Storage Reduces Hardware Cost

Hardware cost reduction is one of the primary advantages of a software defined storage solution. It makes enterprises spend that saved amount of money on other necessary components of business which might have got completely ignored if it would have been spent on hardware. With a software defined storage the upgrading of resources and components hardware replacement of buying is not required.

Software Defined Storage Provides Space Optimization

Software defined storage infrastructures make the optimum use of storage space with smart provisioning of storage space to various users of the data storage space with in the infrastructure. It is achieved by dividing the server into sever virtual machines which may be used by different businesses. In this way there are less number of physical servers required.


Software defined storage offers virtualization which stand alone makes a vast difference in the simplicity, flexibility and scalability of the businesses and their data storage environments. Businesses can offer more productive and efficient services to the users and this is how the businesses flourish as the clients are increased in number, all due to software defined storage.