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Hyperconverged infrastructure and hyperconverged storage have become so popular due to their convenient features that IT admins and technology leaders are considering to reconsider their data storage strategy.

What is Hyperconverged Storage?

In order to fully understand why and how has hyperconverged become so popular these days, it is first important to understand what exactly is hyperconverged storage.

Hyperconverged Storage is a software-centric storage approach that is designed for storage management and that combines storage, compute, virtualization, and networking computing technologies in a single physical unit that is managed as a single unit.

Hyperconverged storage enables enterprises to support agile development cycles and at the same time streamline IT management and also bring their storage, virtualization, compute, and networking initiatives into a better and tighter alignment.

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Hyperconverged Storage Replaces Legacy Systems

Let’s face it, legacy systems are difficult and expensive to maintain and they need constant updates and a highly trained staff to take care of each department separately.

Hyperconverged storage takes care of that. With hyperconverged storage, there is no need to keep and maintain legacy systems such as legacy servers and appliances.

With hyperconverged storage infrastructure, all of the computing, storage and networking components are coupled into a single system or node that is bases on commodity servers which in return reduces hardware costs and hardware complexities.

Simplified Management and Improved Flexibility with Hyperconverged Storage

Another benefit of hyperconverged storage is simplified management and improved flexibility in how the applications are deployed. Hyperconverged storage makes management of applications and workloads a lot simple and offers a lot of flexibility as well.

Cost Savings with Hyperconverged Storage

The virtualization aspect in hyperconverged storage makes it possible to use commercial off-the-shelf hardware based on inexpensive processors (x86) in order to make up individual nodes. This means that these (hyperconverged infrastructure) devices can be less expensive if the IT admins build their own and also because of this, vendors can pay less for the components of a complete appliance.

Hyperconverged Appliances are Easily Scalable

Another advantage with hyperconverged infrastructure and hyperconverged storage is that is very easily scalable. Users have to option to easily scale-up and scale-out respectively according to their needs and liking.


Hyper converged storage provide IT, admins, with greater control over storage provisioning in a server environment. It also provides better management of applications and at the same time, reduces costs as well. It replaces the old outdated legacy infrastructure and is a cost-effective option that is easy to scale-up and scale-out.